If you’re wondering why you should go to a tax pro before April 15th, here’s your answer.

It’s the least wonderful time of the year – tax season. With the IRS deadline looming, you’ve probably started to think about knocking out your taxes. Have you decided how you’re going to do that? Before you do, consider these reasons why you should go to a tax pro this year.

Save time.

Doing your taxes yourself takes a lot of time. The IRS estimates that it takes the average person about 23 hours to prepare and file their Form 1040. If you don’t want to give up a full day of your time, consider going to a pro.

Save money.

The most obvious reason to DIY when it comes to taxes is to save money. After all, when you do them yourself you don’t have to pay a tax preparer anything, right? That could be the case, provided you don’t make a mistake. If, however, you file with errors, you could end up paying for them – literally.

Save stress.

There are 72,000 pages of federal tax rules. You probably haven’t invested the time to go through the rule book. However, tax pros are dedicated servicemen whose job it is to be familiar with the process. When you go to a professional, you can rest easy knowing they know what’s necessary with regards to taxes. That way you know you are complying with everything you should be. Also, if there is an issue with your filing, your tax preparer can advocate for you.

Now, all you need to do is find the right tax preparer. Look no further! At Romar Insurance, we want to make your entire life easier, not just the insurance portion of it, so we have expert tax preparers who can lend a hand. Contact us for all of your tax preparation needs in South Gate and Los Angeles, California.

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