Save money

Making Simple Policy Change Requests

Once you start receiving auto insurance from Romar Insurance, we want to make sure that your experience continues to exceed your expectations. Many insurance companies stop rolling out the red carpet after they have your name signed on the dotted line, but our business continues to provide amazing customer services. This includes online policy request services. Whether you have a simple question or need to do a big policy change, we are ready to assist you.

There are lots of policy change request options we can make online!

If you’re wondering why you should go to a tax pro before April 15th, here’s your answer.

It’s the least wonderful time of the year – tax season. With the IRS deadline looming, you’ve probably started to think about knocking out your taxes. Have you decided how you’re going to do that? Before you do, consider these reasons why you should go to a tax pro this year.

Save time.

Doing your taxes yourself takes a lot of time. The IRS estimates that it takes the average person about 23 hours to prepare and file their Form 1040.